The Modern Icon

Published October 25, 2005 · Estimated reading time: 6 minutes · Share your thoughts
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Fifth Business (Penguin Classics) During the past century, a world once roamed by gods, mythical heroes, and villains, has transformed into the modern world with icons as its staple. These icons are often recognized for some well-known significance and embody qualities which have elevated them into ‘symbols’ akin to the ancient gods. The word “icon” itself roots from the Greek, image, and was used to describe images and objects which portrayed sacred religious symbols. In modern culture, however, the meaning has extended to include cultural, even sacrilegious symbols. As religious icons once were, modern icons have become a vital part of our culture. It is, therefore, critical to understand how they took that role, and what exactly it is that makes a human being or a fictional character an icon.
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