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Published August 23, 2006 · Estimated reading time: 3 minutes · One response so far
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Recently I’ve spent a lot of time developing the details of this site, but of course, a project like this is constantly ongoing, evolving. You come up with new ideas and work to implant them. Though sometimes everything falls into place as planned, often, the project takes a life of its own and you find yourself in an entirely new and unique domain- no pun intended.

So far, I have completed the structure and organizational backbone of the site, and have designated the direction each of my projects will be taking. But the web’s most basic attribute is its ability to transfer content, and developing that content is often the hardest and trickiest task of all. As anyone who has ever tried to write an essay in the middle of the night will attest, writing coherently and concisely is not as easy as some people make it seem (especially when you’re jittery on coffee :o).
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