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Published September 27, 2007 · Estimated reading time: 1 minute · 2 responses so far
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Here’s some stuff that I began but never really finished amidst the chaos of piling work. Hopefully, once I finish these I can begin working on interesting things… as I am slowly edging towards the anatomy of animate/inanimate objects (but that stuff won’t see the light of day until my buildings stop looking like Lego castles and hands become noticeably distinguishable from feet ;)) Oh yeah, and I threw a random crayon collage in. While edible looking, crayons are crazy to work with and manipulate. I now have mad respect for people like this. Needless to say I also empathize with the plight of 5-year-olds.

drawincomp1.jpg drawincomp2.jpg drawincomp3.jpg drawincomp4.jpg drawincomp5.jpg drawincomp0.jpg

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