Best buy, pharma, ticks, and web-based diagnosis

Published December 02, 2008 · Estimated reading time: 1 minute · Share your thoughts
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As posted in Neglected Tropical Diseases Society

  • Josh Ruxin, an assistant clinical professor of public health at Columbia, describes “The Best Buy in Public Health” or the strong potential to make real change with modest investments in the NTDs.
  • Thomas Pogge, Professor of Philosophy & International Affairs at Yale University, and Philip Hedger, executive managing director of international affairs at Pfizer, debate approaches to creating incentives and stimulating innovation in the pharmaceutical industry to address health of impoverished populations.
  • A recent publication in the PLoS suggests that rise in global temperatures may lead to the emergence of more tick-borne pathogens and tick-borne epidemics.
  • Highlighting the critical role of the internet in dealing with international health issues, Scandinavian scientists have developed a web-base diagnostic tool which allows for observation of thousands of parasitic specimens using geospatial system imaging platforms. Web-based tools have great potential not just for global access to better diagnostic tools, but for more timely epidemiological information, as displayed by Google’s Flu Trends.
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