Darwin, DNA and, “many more details”

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Darwin, DNA and, “many more details”
By Marzieh Ghiasi
Monday, Feb 16th, 2009

While evolution has formed the core foundation of biology, 150 years since Darwin’s theory of evolution, was published, it remains as controversial as ever. According to a 2007 poll released by Angus Reid Global Monitor, only 59 per cent of Canadians believe the theory of evolution, while 22 per cent believe species were created in their present form.

On February 12, millions across the world celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. Darwin’s journey on the HMS Beagle and his explorations have formed what Dr. Andrew Hendry, professor of biology at McGill University, calls “the foundations of all modern biology.”

In his 1859 landmark work, On The Origin of Species, Darwin described evolutionary development and the transformation of species through the process of natural selection. Darwin’s unorthodox ideas proved controversial at the time of their publication.
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