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At the edge of the crimson horizon,
The last crescent of light dims,
As a veil of darkness,
Adorned with precious jewels,
Settles across the vast land.
The howlers, the prowlers,
The day-scavengers fall into a deep sleep,
As a new world awakens.

An oasis lies near.

Touch, let the golden grains of sand
Run through your fingers
Feel the warmth that remains.

Smell, the brisk mountain air
These ancient peaks stood tall,
As a mighty deluge consumed the world.

Taste, the evening dew
As it trickles down every leaf
Carrying the sweet nectar of life.

Listen, to the nightingale’s soliloquy
The melody, a tribute to the heavens
Flowing, piercing through the landscape.

A river, riveting, reviving.

Watch, as the rays of light slowly penetrate
Through the entwined branches
Of the ancient baobab tree.

Fall, fall on your knees
Before this majesty, before this splendor.
The misty morn settles across the plains.

The night, a fleeting memory
As the pitch black
Transforms into a heavenly azure.

– Marzieh Ghiasi (March 2005)

*Image Source Baobab tree at sunrise. © Shahidul Alam/Drik/Majority World

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