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I’ve found it quite hard to write for the past little while. Normally I find that when I don’t write for a couple of days, I get bent out of shape and it becomes harder to do so. But this has been rather a surprising development because I wrote regularly during the summer in Iran. Since returning, however, I feel uninspired despite being overwhelmed perhaps with thoughts and ideas. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that for whatever reason I am suffering from a bad case of writer’s block. After reading on the subject, I’ve decided to not force it though. It seems that, herbal remedies and all, the only reasonable antidote to this malaise is to let words and ideas find their way back into the mind naturally. While conducting my little investigation I found this interesting letter by Fyodor Dosteovsky to his brother Mikhail, discussing Dosteovsky’s experiences and toils writing. I figure if the gods themselves struggled, then there is hope for the rest of us yet.

One thing is a pity: he (Pissemsky) writes too fast. He writes much too fast, and much too much. A man should have more ambition, more respect for his talent and his craft, and more love for art. When one’s young, ideas come crowding incredibly into one’s head; but one should not capture each and all of them as it flies, and rush to give it forth. One should rather await the synthesis, and think more; wait till the many single details which make up an idea have gathered them-selves into a nucleus, into a large, imposing picture; then, and not till then, should one write them down. The colossal figures, created by the colossal writers, have often grown out of long, stubborn labour…

But I have vowed to myself that, however hard it may go with me, I’ll pull myself together, and in no circumstances will I work to order. Work done to order would oppress and blight me. I want each of my efforts to be incontrovertibly good. Just look at Pushkin and Gogol. Both wrote very little, yet both have deserved national memorials. Gogol now gets a thousand roubles a printed page, while Pushkin had, as you know well, as much as a ducat a line of verse. Both — but particularly Gogol — bought their fame at. the price of years of dire poverty…
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Postcard: A venture into acrylics

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This year I’ve begun to venture into acrylics. I’m still trying to get used to the medium and learning how to manipulate the colors. But, I seriously love it. It’s so much fun to work to paint. This following is a 4″x6″ I completed today. I assure you though I am not a narcissist, I just use the most readily available subject. 😛

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Bodhi (Sohrab Sepehri)

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آنی بود، درها وا شده بود.
برگی نه، شاخی نه، باغ فنا پيدا شده بود.
مرغان مکان خاموش، اين خاموش، آن خاموش. خاموشی گويا شده بود.
آن پهنه چه بود: با ميشی، گرگی همپا شده بود.
نقش صدا کم رنگ، نقش ندا کم رنگ، پرده مگر تا شده بود؟
من رفته، او رفته، ما بی ما شده بود.
زيبائی تنها شده بود.
هررودی، دريا،
هر بودی، بودا شده بود.
– سهراب سپهری

Each river, a sea,
Each bodhi, a buddha had become.

*Image source unknown.

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