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Tonight is MSURJ’s submission deadline. Every year we, the editors of the journal, sit in front of our computer screens– refreshing the journal’s inbox fervently– and watch the submissions roll in. In the past three years I’ve noticed that the submissions tend to come in at around the same times– a day before, four hours before, exactly at the deadline, and occassionaly minutes after the deadline with a dog-ate-my-homework apology attached (it’s okay!). Of course there is always the occassional deflated email a couple of days later asking “when is the next deadline?“.

It’s so exciting to see all these interesting manuscript titles in your inbox, waiting to be read and potentially published. Given our anticipation I can only imagine what the editors in Nature, Science and other journals that receive breakthrough research every day must feel like. While I refresh the inbox, I know that we all fear that this year there won’t be a lot of submissions, or that we won’t have a good quality crop. I think that’s a fear that anyone publishing a magazine or journal faces, and is minimized substantially when you’ve publicized the publication well prior to the deadline. This year is specially exciting for MSURJ since we’ve opened up the journal and will be publishing Guest Articles from outside McGill. So many people put so much effort in the publication of this journal each year– may as well take it international.

Having been on MSURJ’s editorial board for the past four years, I’m savouring my last year. I’ll definitely be writing about our publication process for the 6th volume of the journal. In fact, right now I’m working on a 4-post series on starting and publishing an undergraduate science journal which I’ll be putting up in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s to hoping we have a good, productive semester ahead!

*addendum: yay… 100th post on this blog!

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