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I donated blood for the first time today in a blood drive by Héma-Québec. I know several people who’ve received blood transfusions that helped save their lives– so I don’t really know why I hadn’t done it before. No wait, I actually know. I wasn’t compelled before but now– its all the vampire shows. Emotionally-tortured trying-to-be-ethical vampires really put a face to blood drives… blood drive PR people should totally jump on that. (Addendum: nevermind, they already have. “Starve a vampire. Donate blood.” Really Red Cross? Really?)

Anyway, the whole process was really straightforward. I had to fill a rather long questionnaire about my health and also time outside the country. They also took my blood pressure and hemoglobin level (apparently if its below <12 g/dl you can't donate blood). All in all it took 30-45 minutes. I donated about 500ml of blood. While doing so, I was speaking to a guy who was also donating blood and he was like “If you’re super strong you can donate up to 2 liters.” I mustered an uncertain “Uhhh, I don’t know about that…” since the normal adult body contains about 5 liters of blood based on what I could remember from physiology, and even if you’re he-man, I’m pretty sure losing 40% of that can’t be healthy.

Afterwards, I felt slightly dizzy but cookies and some juice which made everything better as they always do. That, in brief, was my adventure for the day. Super-exciting. I know.

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