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    Completed two-thirds of my work for today. Progress.
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    Who doesn’t need a bear… bookcase in middle of their room? For those farther up north, there is also the option of a polar bear (via 12 Modern Bookcases). #
  • Japan’s Tragedy

    Published March 18, 2011 · Estimated reading time: 1 minute · One response so far
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    Boston Globe’s Big Picture has posted some incredible, harrowing and heartbreaking photos from Japan in this past week. I admire the way photojournalists have been able to, in the wake of this tragedy, capture the fleeting, transient moments that make life and death.

    Momoko Onodera prays at an evacuation center as she talks about her husband who died in the tsunami on March 18 in Kesennuma, Japan. A potential humanitarian crisis looms as nearly half a million people who have been displaced by the disaster continue to suffer a shortage of food and fuel as freezing weather conditions set in. (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

    波 の 音 を その 胸 に 
    Keep the sound of waves in your heart
    憂鬱 は 沈めて
    Let your melancholy submerge
    橋 は 明日 に 伸ばし 
    Stretch a bridge to tomorrow
    津波 など 案ずる こと なく。
    Without worrying about a tsunami.

    -Susumu Hirasawa
    Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen

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