International Speech Contest: Finding the Body & Heart

Published November 18, 2014 · Estimated reading time: 5 minutes · Share your thoughts
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The following post was written in Fall 2014 for a Toastmasters club Newsletter reflecting my own very memorable experience of participating in the Toastmasters international speech contest at the level of the district.


Speech Contest: Finding the Body and the Heart
Marzieh Ghiasi (ACB, CL) Division G Governor, District 61 2014-2015

Visiting clubs and areas in this new contest season—the Fall Humorous speech and Evaluation contest— I’ve had a chance to see dozens of contestants give their best speeches, to make us laugh or to give feedback, and on occasion both. Being present for many of these contests as a division governor has been a unique experience, because it was only earlier this year when I was a contestant myself—standing in front of the room, first at the level of the club, then area, then division, and eventually the district.

When I was moving through the contests, I asked many other people what it would be like. Every person told me something different—which only reflected the uniqueness of each contestant’s experience. Of course, practice, integrate feedback, and watch previous contest winners are the tidbits everyone will tell you… so here are some less obvious lessons from the beginning and the very end of the journey.
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