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جنگ هفتاد و دو ملت (حافظ)
دوش دیدم که ملایک در میخانه زدند
ساکنان حرم ستر و عفاف ملکوت
آسمان بار امانت نتوانست کشید
جنگ هفتاد و دو ملت همه را عذر بنه
شکر ایزد که میان من و او صلح افتاد
آتش آن نیست که از شعله او خندد شمع
کس چو حافظ نگشاد از رخ اندیشه نقاب
گل آدم بسرشتند و به پیمانه زدند
با من راه نشین باده مستانه زدند
قرعه کار به نام من دیوانه زدند
چون ندیدند حقیقت ره افسانه زدند
صوفیان رقص کنان ساغر شکرانه زدند
آتش آن است که در خرمن پروانه زدند
تا سر زلف سخن را به قلم شانه زدند

"A Hoary Man" by Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian A Hoary Man” by Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian

Seventy-two Nations’ War (Hafez)

Last night I saw angels on the tavern’s door beat
The clay of man they mold and they knead

The pure and noble dwellers of the shrine
With this vagrant beggar drunken recline

The sky could not bear its entrusted burden’s load
Unto this madman was thus the deed bestowed

Seventy-two nations war, their follies let pass
Not seeing the truth they took fable-paved paths

The divine be praised for between us peace arose
Each dancing dervish’s cup with joy overflows

Fire is not that flame in which the candle burns bright
Fire is that blaze which sets the moth’s wings alight

None like Hafez can unveil the mind
And its tangled mane with the pen unwind

Translated by Marzieh Ghiasi
March 2015

The above is my translation and interpretation of what is arguably Hafez’s most esoteric and well-know poem. I had always wanted to tackle this translation but my felt that no turn of phrase could ever do justice the original. But, with the new year at helm, I took the challenge on with the hope of capturing and transferring a sliver of meaning in my own way.

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