5 Software Tools to Make Grad School Better

Published January 02, 2016 · Estimated reading time: 7 minutes · Share your thoughts
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*Originally published in Healthy Inference (Dec 2015).

As epidemiology and public health graduate students, a good number of us spend almost more time on computers crunching data than watching youtube. We all have our favorite data analysis tools installed: R, Stata, SPSS, SAS, JMP, WinBUGS, Matlab… we use Dropbox to sync and backup files, Google Docs to collaborate, Endnote or Papers to manage our PDFs and citations, and Evernote to manage our notes.

But aside from the famous  tools we all know and love, there are a lot of awesome software tools and plugins out there that can make our lives just a little easier. You want to search for 50 different keywords in 50 different windows at the same time? there’s a plugin for that (Chrome). You want to download citations on-the-go? this button is mandatory (Chrome, Firefox).  You want to force that window to stay on top so you don’t have to flip back and forth? download a little utility software (Win, Mac).

Here are 5 software tools that have made my life just a little bit better:

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