Wilder Penfield and the Rise of Modern Neurosurgery

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“Neurologists should push their investigation into the neurologic mechanism associated with consciousness and should inquire closely into the localization of that mechanism without apology… To make such an inquiry is to ask a very old question, as is shown by the following quotation from the Book of Job: Surely there is a vein for the
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10 Great Sites for Reviewing Brain Anatomy

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I’ve been absolutely immersed in brain anatomy (which I now heart) for the past eight months. In the process I’ve amassed a rather large collection of links. I’ve listed some of the better resources below, hopefully others will find this helpful. Image Source: the Morbid Anatomy Collection 1. The Brain from Top to Bottom (McGill
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How smart is your foot?

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*Source: Stumbled upon on the interwebz.

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