Kiosk’s Triple Distilled

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In the post-revolution void created in popular music, most Iranians (by which I mean myself) have had to endure years of terrible, terrible electropop music coming out of underground Iran and the Iranian/Persian diaspora. Fortunately, the past couple of years, new social trends are bringing good sounds our way. I found out about Kiosk, a
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Marzieh Ghiasi
  • Feb. 9th, 2011 · The Jezabels
    The Jezabels are an unsigned indie band from Sydney, Australia. I discovered one of their songs on youtube quite unexpectedly and became completely hooked. They have three EPs out so far, and I’ve been listening to their latest one Dark Storm on replay for a couple of weeks. The band’s main vocalist, Hayley Mary has an incredible and unique voice that has been described as “a cross between Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks.” Given this unique voice and the quality and lyrical depth of the songs, I expect that they will go far. Have a listen to their song Mace Spray (youtube). #
  • Ey Iran

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    This is “Ey Iran” performed by Iranian actors and actresses (for what I assume to be a film festival and/or new year’s celebration of some sort). The song is not the national anthem, but an ode to the country with a very interesting background history*. Weaving gorgeous strings of poetry it draws on pure and
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    Marzieh Ghiasi