Wilder Penfield and the Rise of Modern Neurosurgery

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“Neurologists should push their investigation into the neurologic mechanism associated with consciousness and should inquire closely into the localization of that mechanism without apology… To make such an inquiry is to ask a very old question, as is shown by the following quotation from the Book of Job: Surely there is a vein for the
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Marzieh Ghiasi

Wilder Penfield on William Osler

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While researching the works of Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield I found a rather moving tribute by him to William Osler, aptly titled “Hero Worship”. By moving tribute, I mean fangirling over an extraordinary physician, writer, etc. which leads me to wonder if Dr. Penfield were alive, would he want my Sir William Osler: A ‘Stach
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Marzieh Ghiasi

Brain stem, brain stem

Published December 16, 2007 | One response so far
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In preparation for the neurological section of my physiology exam, I’ve resorted to desperate measures:

Marzieh Ghiasi