Based on the Infinite Monkey Theorem some of my incessant typing was bound to be stringed into coherent words, sentences, and the occasional article.

McGill Daily Articles

Alberta: Tar sand wasteland Nov 2007
Among the Neglected (Feature) Nov 2007
Net neutrality threatened by market forces Jan 2008
Wikileaks web site gives whistleblowers a voice Apr 2008
Darwin, DNA and, “many more details” Feb 2009
Diagnosis gone digital Oct 2009
The new battleground Feb 2011
Indulging in insect specialties Oct 2011
Closing the distance Nov 2011
Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Mar 2013

Other articles

The neglected diseases of poverty (The Upstream Journal) Apr 2014
The Adventure of the Cure That Wasn’t (PLOS Speaking of Medicine) Jun 2014

Selected Essays

Inheritors of Fear Jan 2005
The Modern Icon Oct 2005
A Case for Torture? Mar 2007
The Follies of Praise Nov 2007
The Linnean Papers: Darwin, Wallace & A Nascent Revolution Nov 2009
Books in the Digital Revolution Dec 2010
Maude Abbott and the Holmes Heart Mar 2011
Wilder Penfield and the Rise of Modern Neurosurgery Apr 2011
Social Risk Factors for Heat Wave Mortality Among the Elderly Dec 2011
Fishermen in the Information Marketplace May 2013

Poetry Translation

Bani Adam/Children of Adam (Saadi) Pers/Eng Feb 2008
Yousef e Gomgashteh/Lost Joseph (Hafiz) Pers/Eng Jun 2009
Neshani (Sohrab Sepehri) Pers/Eng Nov 2009
Man Rooh Miforoosham/I Sell Souls (Simin Behbahani) Pers/Eng Mar 2013
Jang-e haftad-o do mellat/Seventy-two nations’ war (Hafez) Pers/Eng Mar 2015


NYT: The Lede (quoted) Mar 2009
Worldfocus (quoted) Jun 2009
Ball, Desmond. “China’s Cyber Warfare Capabilities.Security Challenges 7.2 (2011): 81-103. (cited) Dec 2011

Editorial Experience

Editor-in-Chief (2009-2011): Oversaw publication of Vol 5 & Vol 6 of the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ). Managed review process and journal publication logistics.

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